What is Vetcon?

VETCON is the veteran entrepreneur [vetrepreneur] conference, an annual gathering of visionaries, hustlers, and game-changers from around the world. We represent the international community of veterans who run their own businesses.

Why is VETCON Unique?

VETCON’s emphasis in on collaboration in pursuit of tactical excellence. The best way to learn is to teach, and that’s what we will do. Experts will have the chance to share their best practices for refining ideas, developing products, finding customers, and other critical aspects of entrepreneurial success.

VETCON is all about actionable feedback for the goals and plans you have for your business. There is no one better from whom you can learn than your peers at VETCON are also building lasting, valuable companies. That’s why people should attend: to take their businesses to the next level.

What Will I Do at VETCON?

VETCON focuses on developing the tactics a strong entrepreneurial core, and a network of people on whom you can rely. That means we spend a lot of time on the practical aspects of building and running a business. And we sprinkle in lots of time for you to get the know the other amazing folks at VETCON. That means breakfasts, networking sessions, happy hours, and other fun events.

What topics will be covered at VETCON?

  • Solving - not creating - a problem
  • Using testing to validate products
  • Product vs Market Pivot: Find Your Business's True North
  • The true context of failure
  • Rapidly acquiring new customers through digital marketing
  • Getting media interested in your business
  • Vetting and hiring technical talent
  • Integrating software into your operations
  • Outsourcing operations to save time and money
  • When (not) to raise outside capital
  • Understanding the world of raising capital (how to detect, initiate, and secure capital)